Cosmic Logos

In the Islamic belief the rhythmic tandem of inspiration and exhilaration is the two phase principle underlying the creation of the Universe. “The Breath of the Compassionate” geometric pattern defines perfectly this principle through two complementary polygons, containing the “shamse” and a perfect cross. Calligraphy, on the other hand, is the Word of God, an embodiment of the spiritual realities.
Placing my creation at the beginning of times, I have used in my “Cosmic Logos” hand painted silk collection the geometry of creation as a reflection of our created world. My infantile calligraphy is a very personal way of expressing my feelings as a young child when I used to write my thoughts on old books. Now, my writing is a correlation with the primordial divine Word, expressing our bonding with the celestial Spirit. Altogether, calligraphy is the geometry of the Spirit.