About me

Andreea Zahn

I was born in Ploiesti, Romania. Since I was a little girl I loved to paint and draw and to create things with my hands and I was fascinated by fabrics. In my teenage years I used to paint on glass and to create handmade jewelry. As I grew older I had to combine my passion for art with my parents’ desire to become a business woman. After high school I moved to Brasov to study Tourism Management. At first my art was my hobby, but with time I realized my thoughts were focused more on my artistic dreams than on tourism and business.

While I was in a wonderful village in Bucovina, it just came to me the idea of painting the traditional Romanian motifs that decorated the houses on a fabric that could be worn. “How wonderful to have with me all those ancestral symbols of life and protection everywhere I go!”, I thought. “But what kind of fabric would be suitable to carry all that symbolism?”

Silk. It was silk.

And so my journey to a whole new life began.

After graduating the Master degree in Business Administration in Tourism I worked as a local tour guide in Brasov for a year. Then I transformed my living room in my workshop and I started experimenting with silk painting. I loved it! I wanted to learn more! I found the Textile Arts department at the National University of Art in Bucharest. In 2015 I applied for the Master degree and I specialized in the batik technique. In 2017, for graduation, I had my first personal textile art exhibition in Bucharest.

This was an amazing journey both for me as a person and for me as a young artist. Now I am one of the few artists in Romania that use the batik technique on pure, high quality silk to express myself. I continue to get my inspiration from the traditional motifs of the cultures I admire and recognize myself in. I work in my studio in Ploiesti.

If you find yourself in my textile art and traditional motifs, please feel free to discover my collections and commission the silk scarf for you!